Canakkale City in Turkey


Date : 29.03.2019 17:21:14

There are many destinations to visit and explore in Canakkale. Canakkale has very nice ancient cities, museums, national parks and seaside beaches.

Canakkale is where contemporary history comes back to life, one of the loveliest cities in the Marmara region of Turkey. While you are in Canakkale, you can lose yourself in the charming ancient ruins or simply spend peaceful moments on the nearby islands.

Canakkale is an ancient city of many amazing sites and incredible vistas. Set right on the Dardanelles, this city leads us from the battle of Troy through to the hilltop of Gallipoli.

Bozcada Cactle, Troya Ancient City, Troya Museum and Cimenlik Castle are very beautiful destinations in the city.

Canakkale Troya

Canakkale Tour Guide

Canakkale Archaeological Museum in Turkey

Canakkale Archaeological Museum is located in Canakkale.

Cimenlik Castle in Turkey

The Cimenlik Castle is located in Canakkale.