Eskihisar Castle in Turkey


Date : 06.12.2018 20:58:32

The Eskihisar Castle is located in Gebze. Eskihisar Castle is very beautiful destination in Kocaeli.

Eskihisar Castle is located in the boundaries of Gebze district of Kocaeli city, in the Marmara Region of Turkey.

Eskihisar Castle is in the north east of Eskihisar Village, which controls the passage of the Izmit Gulf in the past and the castle was restored in 1998.

The fortress is between two towers. There are six gates, three of which are outside and three of which are outside. The reason why these halls are built without castles is unclear. The castle has a rectangular plan layout, four quadrants, and six quadrangular walls.

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Eskihisar Castle

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