Kartepe Ski Center in Turkey


Date : 16.11.2018 16:11:36

Kartepe Ski Resort is located in Izmit. Kartepe is very beautiful destination in Izmit in terms of winter holiday.

Kartepe Ski Center is located in the boundaries of Kartepe district of Kocaeli city, in the Marmara Region of Turkey.

Kartepe can be reached by road from Istanbul and Bursa.

Kartepe Ski Center has been constructed at 1650 m. altitude over Mount Kartepe.

Kartepe, is one of the Turkey’s favourite winter sports centers and as well as skiing, its richness of flora and fauna has made it into a National Park and summer activities like trekking and camping are also popular.

If your path falls to Izmit, don't forget to add Kartepe Ski Center to your list of places to see.

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Kartepe Ski Center

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