Kefken Island in Turkey


Date : 07.01.2019 14:13:34

The Kefken Island is located in Kandira. Kefken Island is very beautiful destination in Izmit in terms of summer and winter holiday.

The Kefken Island, lies off the Black Sea coast of Turkey, a short boat ride from the mainland village of Cebeci in the Kandira district of Kocaeli City.

It has an area of 21 hectares, and is about four times as long as it is broad.

Long breakwaters extend out from the island, forming a safe harbour for ships.

A lighthouse dating from 1 January 1879 has a range of 14 nautical miles, and there is a smaller lighthouse on each of the two breakwaters.

Walls of a fortress of the Hellenistic and Genoese periods can be seen and some wells and rain-water cisterns.

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Kefken Island

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