Pergamon Ancient City in Turkey


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Pergamon Ancient City is located in Bergama. Pergamon Ancient Theatre very beautiful destination in Izmir in terms of culture tourism.

Pergamon is located in the boundaries of Bergama of Izmir city, in the Aegean Region of Turkey.

The well-preserved Pergamon Ancient Theatre dates from the Hellenistic period and had space for around 10,000 people, in 78 rows of seats. At a height of 36 metres, it is the steepest of all ancient theatres. The seating area (koilon) is divided horizontally by two walkways, called diazomata, and vertically by 0.75 metre-wide stairways into seven sections in the lowest part of the theatre and six in the middle and upper sections. Below the theatre is a 247-metre-long and up to 17.4 metre-wide terrace, which rested on a high retaining wall and was framed on the long side by a stoa. Coming from the Upper market, one could enter this from a tower-building at the south end. This terrace had no space for the circular orchestra which was normal in a Greek theatre, so only a wooden stage building was built which could be taken down when there was no performance taking place. Thus, the view along the terrace to the Temple of Dionysos at the northern end was unimpeded. A marble stage building was only built in the 1st century BC. Additional theatres were built in the Roman period, one in the Roman new city and the other in the sanctuary of Asclepius.

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Pergamon Ancient City
Pergamon Ancient Theatre

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