Bergama Disctrict in Turkey


Date : 18.06.2019 14:00:30

There are many destinations to visit and explore in Bergama. Bergama has very nice museums, ancient cities and beaches.

Bergama (the old name is pergamon) is one of Turkey's well-known tourist centres and is especially popular during the summer.

Between June 18–24, Bergama celebrates its annual festival, which is already running into its seventy-second anniversary. Bergama Kermesi is a major local event, generally celebrated with the attendance of Turkish celebrities, singers, players, poets, and writers.

Pergamon Ancient City and Bergama Museum are many tourism destinations in Izmir.

Pergamon Bridge

Bergama Destinations

Allianoi Ancient City in Turkey

Allianoi Ancient City is located in Bergama.

Bergama Museum in Turkey

Bergama Museum is located in Bergama.

Pergamon Ancient City in Turkey

Pergamon Ancient City is located in Bergama.