Fethiye District in Turkey


Date : 13.08.2019 15:55:56

There are many destinations to visit and explore in Fethiye. Fethiye has very nice castles ancient cities, museums, national parks and seaside beaches.

Fethiye is one of Turkey's well-known tourist centres and is especially popular during the summer.

Fethiye is a tourist town with an international atmosphere. It has an excellent marina and good night life. The town also serves as an excellent base for touring the inland countryside, and is probably the only city in the world where you'll find sarcophaguses in the streets. These pre-Roman Lycian relics are especially spectacular when floodlit at night.

Ölüdeniz, Fethiye Castle, Fethiye Archaeology Museum, Arsada Ancient City, Tlos Ancient City and Kadyanda Ancient City are very beautiful destinations in Mugla.

Mugla, Fethiye

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