Kartepe Disctrict in Turkey


Date : 28.02.2019 02:22:29

There are many destinations to visit and explore in Kartepe. Kartepe has very nice national parks and ski resorts.

Kartepe is one of Turkey's well-known tourist centres and is especially popular during the winter.

Although Kartepe is founded in the low plains the mountains at the south serve as winter sports complex for nearby Istanbul citizens.

Kartepe Mountains are to the south and Sapanca Lake is to the east of Kartepe and Kartepe Ski Resort, Maşukiye and Kuzuyayla National Park
are many tourism destinations in Izmit.


Kartepe Tour Guide

Masukiye in Turkey

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Kartepe Destinations

Kartepe Ski Center in Turkey

Kartepe Ski Resort is located in Izmit.

Kuzuyayla National Park in Turkey

The Kuzuyayla National Park is located in Kartepe.