Konak Disctrict in Turkey


Date : 27.06.2019 12:32:37

There are many destinations to visit and explore in Konak. Konak has very nice museums, ancient cities and beaches.

Situated in an area that roughly corresponds to the geographic center of İzmir, Konak extends for 11.4 km. along the southern coastline of the Gulf of Izmir. A long panhandle that the district area draws in the direction of the southwest, on the other hand, also covers a large rural area, mostly covered with mountains and forests, and two isolated villages. Konak district area neighbors the district areas of Bornova to the east, Balcova to the west and Buca and Gaziemir to the south, all of which are also among Izmir's metropolitan districts. Konak center is connected to other districts of Izmir and beyond by a dense network of roads and railroads, as well as by a subway line currently being largely extended and by ferry services to Karsiyaka.

İzmir Atatürk House, Ümran Baradan Game and Toy Museum, Ahmet Pristina City Archive and Museum, TCDD Museum and Smyrna Ancient City are many destinations in Izmir.

Izmir Konak

Konak Destinations

İzmir Atatürk House and Museum in Turkey

İzmir Atatürk House is located in Konak.

Smyrna Ancient City in Turkey

Smyrna Ancient City is located in Izmir.

TCDD Museum in Izmir

TCDD Museum is located in Konak.