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Castles in Turkey


Date : 29.03.2019 17:21:14

Turkey Castle Guide. There are many castles to visit and explore in Turkey.

Turkey is one of the leading tourism destinations in the world, with stunning scenery and rich historic legacy.

Rumeli Hisari (Boğazkesen Castle), Anadolu Hisari, Yedikule Castle, Bursa Castle, İznik Castle, Ankara Castle and Antalya Castle are the most beautiful Castles in Turkey.

Castles Bursa
Amasra Castle Bartin

List Castles in Turkey

Amasra Castle Bartin

Amasra Castle in Turkey

The Amasra Castle is located in Amasra.

Balabanbey Castle

Balabanbey Castle in Turkey

The Balabanbey Castle is located in Yildirim.

Bursa Castle

Bursa Castle in Turkey

The Bursa Castle is located in Osmangazi.

Cimenlik Castle

Cimenlik Castle in Turkey

The Cimenlik Castle is located in Canakkale.

Eskihisar Castle

Eskihisar Castle in Turkey

The Eskihisar Castle is located in Gebze.

Iznik Castle

Iznik Castle in Turkey

The Iznik Castle is located in Iznik.

Seyrek Castle

Seyrek Castle in Turkey

The Seyrek Castle is located in Kandira.